June 26, 2013

Our Vegetable Garden

This Year I Decided Would Be The Year I Finally Grow A Vegetable Garden & So Far, So Good.

Here Is How It Looked When We Started ....

Now Look At It!!! Sun, Water & 1 1/2 Months Later.....

In The Picture Above I Have 3 Types Of Tomatoes, Eggplant, Squash, Parsley, Oregano & Cilantro. I Planted Basil In The Pot To The Right Of The Flower Bed (next to the Plumeria)

In The Photo Above Is The Zuccini & Cucumber

I Can't Believe How Well The Cilantro Is Doing!!!

Here Is A Tomato Still Growing 

Here Is Some Squash Getting Ready To Be Picked!
And Here Is Some Squash We Already Picked
& Can't Wait To Eat!!!
I Didn't Know It Would Be So Easy.  My Father-In-Law Helped Me With Placement As Well As With Making Sure The Irrigation Was Placed Right & And It Looks Like He Did A Great Job!!!
Thanks To Peter Chobot For The Tip To Use Steer Manuer!!  It Worked!!
***** UPDATE *****
We Have More Squash & Now Cucumbers!!!

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