June 2, 2013

Baby Diaper/Wipe Strap

I Was Thumbing Around On Pinterest & Saw This Fabulous Idea!!  If You Have Little Ones In Diapers, You Know That Your Diapers Are Just Floating All Around Your Diaper Bag & The Wipes Are Somewhere Deep Inside As Well, So Why Not Sew A Strap To Hold Them Both Together?!

This Is Such An Easy Project! I think It Took Me About 1 Hour To Bust Out 4 Straps! If You Can Sew A Straight Line, You Can Create These Straps.

The Original Idea Came From http://cally-cruze.blogspot.com/.  All The Measurements & Instructions Can Be Found On This Blog.

I Grabbed Scraps Of Material I Had & Found Matching Buttons To Go With Them

How Cute & Practical Is This Strap?!

Apparently, My Daughter Found Another Use For These Straps ;)

Happy Sewing....

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