September 25, 2012

Baby Gifts

It's Been Way Too Long Since I Posted Anything, Let Alone, Anything I Have Created, So Here Are Some Simple Baby Items I Made For a Friend Who Is Having A Baby Girl In November....

I Sewed 1 Blanket, 4 Burp Cloths & 2 "Nap Blankets"
I Asked My Friends Picked Out The Material & Colors; That Way They
Would Be Happy With The Items Since They Represent Their Style!
I Would Hate To Make These For Them & They Not Like It!!

The Blanket Was Tricky With The Orange Polyester Material.  It's Silky; Therefore It Stretches Really Easy.  There Are Not Enough Pins In The World To Hold The Two Pieces Of Material In Place, So I Have Learned To Cut The Polyester Piece Larger Than The Flannel Piece.  It Always Comes Out Crooked, But That's The Beauty of Trimming & Sewing A Top Stitch!!

The Burp Cloths Are EASY!!!  All I Did Was Measure The Width & Length Of the Cloth Diaper, Cut Out The Flannel Fabric With Those Measurements & Sewed It Onto The Cloth Diaper Using a Zig-Zag Stitch!  Wha-La!!

I Stole This "Nap Blanket" Idea From My Friend Kim (Thanks Kim!!!).  She Made One For My Daughter & It Was A Wonderful Tool To Associate Nap Time With. Now It's Become A Comfort Item! I Made My Friends Two So They Would Have a Back-Up...You Never Know!
This Too Is Tricky To Sew Because Of The Polyester Material.  The Nice Thing About This Blanket Is It's Much Smaller Than The Other Blanket, So You Have A Bit More Control When Sewing The Edges. I Still Cut A Larger Piece of The Polyester Than The Flannel, Just To Be Safe!
If You Can Sew A Straight Line, You Can Sew These Items Easily!!!  Happy Sewing!