December 18, 2012

Kale Chips ~ Easy Does It!

A Few Days Ago I Made a Soup That Called For Kale, But Only 1/4 Of A Bunch, So I Was Left With All Of This Kale & No Recipe...Until I Remembered Kale Chips!  So I Google Recipes & Found This One On All Recipe's Website. 
So Easy & It Turned Out Pretty Good!
Here Are The Steps....
Cut The Stems Off The Leaves

Rip The Leaves Into Small Pieces & Wash Them Really Well

Next You Will Dry The Leaves Well.
I Happen To Have A Salad Spinner Which Was Perfect For Drying The Leaves!

Lay Them Spread Out On A Parchment Paper Lined Baking Sheet

Drizzle Olive Oil & Salt Over All The Leaves (I, Unfortunately, Put WAY Too Much Salt On It, So Remember, A Little Goes A Long Way!)

Bake Them In The Oven At 350 For 10-15 Minutes

And Wha-La!  You Have Kale Chips! Perfect For The Little Ones Too!!

December 14, 2012

Another Christmas Card Holder

After I Made My Star Christmas Card Holder, I Saw This One On

Fortunately, My Friend Needed A Christmas Card Holder & Since She Lives Caddy-Corner Behind Me, We Had A Craft Day & Made Her One!
Here Is How It Turned Out...

There She Is With Her Son (who happens to be a few weeks younger than my daughter!!)
It Turned Out Sooooo Good!!!  And Can I Just Tell You How Easy It Was?!
Great Job Cat!

December 6, 2012

Easy Christmas Card Holder

Every Year We Get A Bundle Of Photo Christmas Cards & Every Year I Struggle With The Best Place To Put Them.  I Have Seen Christmas Card Card Holders In The Stores, But I Haven't Liked Any Of Them, So I Googled It & Found This One I Liked On Etsy
Cute, Right?!

So, Instead Of Purchasing It For $32, I Made One for $8!!! 

All I Had To Do Was Purchase The Star (which was on sale at JoAnn Fabrics)!  I Had The Rest One Hand!!
Here is What I Did.....
My Supplies Consisted of Burlap Ribbon, Light & Dark Jute Twine, A Star, 1 Jingle Bell, Ribbon & Clothes Pins
I Couldn't Decide Up Front Which Ribbon To Use, So I Pulled Out These 3 & Played Around With Them
These Jingle Bells I Had Already Purchased From JoAnn Fabric's for $5 For Another Project & They Worked Perfect For This One!!
I Started With The Star...
I'll Be Honest With You....I Hate Doing Bows!!! I'm Not Good At Them & They Take Me Forever....This One Took Me 30 Min!!! Just This 1 Bow!!!
After I Finally Finished The Bow, I Glued It On & Then Glued On My Jingle Bell
My Jingle Bell Conveniently Came With Jute Twine, So I Just Cut Off The Part Where It's Tied Together & Used It As Extra Decor To The Piece!
  Then I Cut The Ends of My Ribbon At An Angle & Trimmed Up The Jute Pieces
I Cut My Burlap Ribbon by Measuring Out How Long I Wanted It To Go, So Basically, I Eye-Balled The Length & Cut

Then I Laid Out The Light Jute Twine & Cut It To The Length of The Burlap. I Chose 2 Pieces of Jute Because I Liked The Way It Looked, But You Can Do 1 or More Depending On Your Preference


Then Using My Hot Glue Gun, I Glued The Top Of The Light Jute Twine Pieces To The Burlap Strip

I Then Glued The Whole Burlap Strip To The Back Of The Star.  I Love Hot Glue Because It's Easy & You Can Spread It Around With The Tip Of The Gun!

I Trimmed Up The Corners So There Wouldn't Be Any Burlap Showing Out of The Sides 

Then I Cut The Bottom Of My Burlap Strip So Each Side Came To A Point
The I Hung It & Ta-Da!!!
Turned Out Pretty Good!