June 28, 2012

Pinterest Test: Pass

I realized after I posted the first Pinterest Test, that I should have posted a "Pass" instead of a "Fail" since it was the first one. So, here is a quick one that I gave a "Pass" to.

I pinned This Quinoa salad and made it for a 'Gastineau Cousin' get together and it was a success! It is such a simple and very healthy recipe! The mangos do take some time cutting up, but you can always opt for not having them. Heck, you can add and take away any item in the fruit/vegetable combo! The dressing is easy too (especially when you have a lemon tree!). It's great for a side dish or even a snack.


June 27, 2012

Pinteterest Test - Fail

So by now everyone has heard of Pinterest.  If you haven't, consider yourself warned...it's addicting! I was very reluctant to go on it for a long time, but when I needed somewhere to store all my ideas for a party I was planning, I singed up.  I have been very disciplined about using it - you know, making sure I don't just 'pin' things to pin them and actually using or doing them, but I'll admit, there are too many great ideas to not pin them.

On that note, I have decided to blog about the ideas I pinned and actually did, then let you know how they turned out.  I will call it the 'Pinterest Test'.

The first what Yogurt Covered Blueberries. I found the recipe Here. They looked delicious and they seemed to be something that my daughter would eat, so here we go....

I washed the blueberries (I actually had more in the bowl, but remembered to take a picture after I had already made a bunch...oops!)

I didn't have the honey flavored Greek yogurt, so I added my own honey, pretty much to taste.

I dipped the blueberries in the yogurt mixture using toothpicks to bring move them around and remove them from the bowl. Tip: the toothpicks actually work better then the spoon! 

Then I placed them on parchment paper, which was already on a plate. Finally, I put then in the freezer for about 30 minutes and they were ready! 

 Now to the reason this one was a 'Fail':

#1 - You have to keep them in the freezer at all times (they melt in the refigerator). So because of that, the blueberries are always frozen and the consistency is not all that appetizing to me.

#2 - The combination on Greek yogurt and blueberries are not tasty at all. The Greek yogurt is too bitter. My daughter would not eat them because of that and I wasn't all that thrilled with them either. Maybe I was expecting the yogurt to taste more like the yogurt covered raisins, even though I was using Greek yogurt?

Sadly, they just sit in the freezer in a baggie :(  I hoping my husband will get curious and try one. He usually likes things like that, so they may not go to waste, we'll see!

June 24, 2012

Hello! Allow me to introduce you to my blog.....

Disclaimer #1 - I have never written a blog before, so forgive me if anything seems confusing
Disclaimer #2 - I am still creating this blog, so don't be surprised if things change all of a sudden
Disclaimer #3 - I am a terrible speller, and although there is a spell check, I may forget to use it!!!

With that said, I decided to start off my first blog with my most recent project: The Guest Bedroom/Craft Room (which I feel is appropriate, since my creations will come from this room). Prior to this room, I was working at our kitchen table and going out to the garage to obtain any item or tool that I needed. Since that can change throughout a project, I made many trips to the garage, as well as continually accumulate a pile by the back door of items that needed to be returned to the garage. Needless to say, I am soooooooo excited for this room.

A Full View of The Room

For The Guests

For Me!!!!

The Shelves I bought from IKEA and the brackets from Lowe's

Kerr (or Ball) Jars Make Great Decorative Holders

The Basket on the Left is From IKEA. The Ones I Like Come in a Set of 4 (3 different sizes). I Use Them to Store A Lot Around The House

I Found This at Ross & Spray Painted it to Match the Other Shelves (which I spray painted too...thanks for your help Madi!)

These Jars Are From IKEA...Perfect For Holding my Buttons


Ahhhh, The Cricut Mini! This Was My Mother's Day Gift! It's So Pretty!

Luckily, My Husband Was Willing to Share His Closet Space!

I Found This Frame at The Salvation Army for $2. I Lightly Sanded it, Attached Some Chicken Wire (thank you Ahlberg's) & it Became a Perfect Place to Hang the Baby Headbands I am Making. 

I Have Had This Amroire For Almost 12 Years! We Painted it to Match Our Daughter's Room, but Since Her Room Will be Changing Soon, I Was Able to Use it For Our Computer (which was in our bedroom! So glad to have it out of there!!)

I Found This Idea on This Link Here, Which Gives A Lot of Ideas on What You Can do With Your Ribbon. The Frame Was $1.50 at The Salvation Army, the Ribbon I Had, and the Dowels and Cafe Hooks Are From The Home Depot. So Easy & So Inexpensive! 


I Found This Idea Here. I Happen To Have The Curtain Rod & the Clips I Purchased From Anna's Linens. I Had the Matching Box to Throw My Scraps In. 

Finally, I Have to Keep All My Sewing Tools (or Notions for All You Seamstresses) In This Bag. That Way I Know Where All of it Is! My Aunt Jennifer Had Bought This Purse Hook for Me Last Year & It's Perfect For Hanging my Sewing Bag! Thank you Jen Jen!