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When we bought our home in '06, we were the 2nd owners, which means, when the house was built in 1951, the original owners moved in and didn't change much in way of decor.  So, needless to say, we bought a 'fixer-upper'! I will share with you the parts of our home that are pretty complete up to this point. The other rooms are a work in progress and I'll share those as they are completed (but of course you can see the Guest Bedroom/Craft Room on my first posting).

Our Front Yard

This is The Day We Moved In

This is Today. We Took Out That Tree As Well As the Bricks by the Front Door. Laid New Sod, Added the Walk Path, and Took Out All the Plants Along the House Except for the Holly Tree (my mom pleaded for me to keep it...I'm still wondering why).

Here is A Closer Look at the New Landscape

Our Back Yard

We Had an Awning Which Closed in the Patio Area, So First We Took Out the Windows.

Then We Took Down the Structure (thank you Jeff & Eric!)

Then it Was Time to Take Out the Brick Wall (go Rachel!) 

And in Place of That Not-So-Pretty Awning, We Put Up a Pergola. Looking Back at These Photos Reminds Me of How Blessed We Are to Have All of These Friends/Family who Helped. So Amazing...Many Thanks to You All!

Welcome to Our New Back Yard. This Gate was Built by my Husband and our Friend Jeff. If you Look Closely, you Can See the 'G', Which Was Contructed by Jeff (thanks!!).  It Gives our Gate a Nice Personal Touch! 

And Here it is Today.

If you Zoom In, You Can See Behind the Pergola is Some More Landscaping We Did to Spice Up the Look. I Feel it Turned Out Nice....For Now!

Our Room

This is a Picture of Our Room Soon After We Moved In

This is it Today!

A Few Months Back, I Repainted Our Room (thanks to the help from my dad and Rachel), and Then Added This Little Collage.

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